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Family Bereavement Services

Supporting Families as they Lay their Dearly Departed to Rest


Legacy Storytelling

Powerfully & Uniquely celebrates the life and impact of a loved one through the art of spoken word or storytelling. Speaking in the voice and character of the loved one showcasing their life, impact and empowering those left behind to carry on their legacy. Allow one of our gifted Funeral Bae Orators to speak to the soul. Transforming traditional Home going Celebrations and Bereavement Family Gatherings into a unforgettable experience. Creating a life of memories.

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Family Grief Coaching & Bereavement Support

We understand how hard it is to lay our dearly departed to rest in the midst of grief and the other variables that come into play at a time like this. Funeral B.A.E can support you and your family through our Family Grief Coaching & Bereavement Support service which includes:

Funeral Planning

Attire for the Dearly Deceased

Perinat Information Gathering (ie: D240 form, Insurance assistance & more)

Have our Bereavement Network of Resources at your finger tips (ie: musicians, ministers, pastors, vocalist, florists, program writers, lawyers & more)

Family Lodging & Group Transportation

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Repass Planning

This service is customized to your unique needs with your budget in mind. Repass planning includes:

Venue selection

Décor setting


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White Minibuses

Bereavement Family Care Services

1st car last responder with a personal and gentle touch. The Funeral BAE comforts the family providing prayer and contact information the family will need to begin arrangements. Making the process smoother for the family while carefully removing the dearly departed from the home. Contact us today to get started.

Holding Hands
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